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Eco dyed recycled silk sari ribbon

Eco-Dyed Silk Ribbon Bobbins


Recycled silk sari ribbon, naturally hand dyed in subtle tones, presented on a quaint wooden bobbin. 

Add an interesting touch to your sewing, weaving, basket making, gift wrapping and craft projects, or simply enhance your studio display.

The recycled wedding sari silk reveals various fabrics with irregular widths and textures and frayed edges adding to its unique, organic charm. 

The soft colours vary in response to the ribbon variations, with each dye bath revealing different tones.

Bobbin measures 48mm x 28mm diameter holding 2 metres of ribbon.

Sold individually, choose from a limited range of olive green, pale pink, peach and ice blue.

Each bobbin is unique and may vary from those pictures.

Recycled silk sari ribbon fair trade sourced from India, hand dyed in Castlemaine by Elfin Trail.