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Vintage Masking Tapes

Vintage Masking Tapes


Enhance your papercraft discovery with these vintage-style washi paper masking tapes. 

Crafts like journaling, snail mail, scrapbooking and daily planners are nurturing ways to slow down, take time for yourself and connect with your creativity. Create tangible memory keepsakes and handmade gifts which endure in this deletable electronic age.

Self-adhesive they can be used just like sticky tape to wrap gifts, or cut into individual stickers for pretty enhancements to your papercrafts.

Five designs to choose from:

Postage Stamps: 15mm wide x 7m long

Sepia Script: 50mm wide x 8m long

Tickets: 20mm wide x 8m long

Vintage Map: 60mm wide x 8m long

White Script: 35mm wide x 8m long