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Small Woven Sisal Baskets


Beautiful and functional small flat baskets traditionally handwoven in natural sisal.

Tintsaba baskets are recognised as world class, transcending traditional craft into gallery art, while supporting fair trade. 

​Using a fine coiling technique, baskets are woven from sisal, a fibre made from the agave plant originated in Mexico, was introduced to Africa for the fibre. Prior to weaving it must be stripped, cleaned and spun by hand. Weaving is a labour intensive task; it can up to 50 hours to spin the fine yarn and complete the weaving of each basket.

About Tintsaba 

Since 1985 Tintsaba has run a rural development project in Swaziland working with women's groups making quality crafts. These women receive training to become master weavers, silversmiths and managers allowing them to lift their families out of poverty. Their products are recognised around the world for their outstanding quality.

Baskets measure 16cm diameter and 4cm high. Choose from cream and blue grey. 

Also available, large woven sisal baskets.

Fairtrade handmade in Swaziland by Tintsaba.