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Sleep Balm Bush Medijina


Bush Medijina's calming Sleep Balm handmade by Warnindilyakwa women using traditional bush recipes inherited from their elders.

Busy days and endless to-do lists can leave you feeling exhausted as thoughts keep racing through your head. Add this Sleep Balm to your bedtime routine to help disconnect from a stressful day and transition into a restful sleep.

Harvested on country, from billabongs and wetlands on Groote Eylandt, Mamarra (Small Leaved Paperbark) leaves are steeped in water to release their valuable properties. Enriched with organic coconut oil natural emollient for skin and infused with soothing lavender oil - encouraging calm and repose to support your journey into a state of slumber.

Experience the benefits of Bush Medicine, the ancient and traditional Aboriginal use of native Australian botanicals for physical and spiritual healing, that has been practiced for thousands of years. 

Packaged in a reusable, recyclable aluminum tin.

10g / cruelty free / 100% indigenous owned

Ingredients: Coconut Oil (Refined) Certified Organic ACO, Beeswax, Melaleuca Cajuputi (Small Leaved Paperbark Tree) Extract, Lavender Oil Certified Organic ACO

About Bush Medijina

Bush Medijina began in a small shed, fueled by a big dream: to grow our business, to support Warnindilyakwa women, to share our culture with others and to preserve our traditions and knowledge for future generations. Using recipes passed down by our mothers, aunties and grandmothers, we hand-make our products. We harvest local bush produce and combine it with natural and sustainable ingredients sourced from the most reputable suppliers across Australia.

Handmade on Groote Eylandt, Gulf of Carpentaria, NT