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Silver Coral Dish Rings

Silver Coral Dish Rings


All the intricate detail of Katherine Wheeler's divine rock coral rings captured in silver.

These one-off pieces are modelling in wax, then lost wax cast in sterling silver.

Organically shaped and reminiscent of the seaside, they're perfect for those of us who love Katherine's porcelain rings but worry about breaking them.

This series features flat-slightly concave dishes with tiny dot impression. 

Choose from five designs (Australian ring sizes)

#1 Ring size 0 pendant measures 26mm diameter

#2 Ring size N pendant measures 26mm diameter

#3 Ring size N&1/2 pendant measures 25mm diameter

#4 Ring size Q&1/2 pendant measures 23mm diameter

#5 Ring size V pendant measures 22mm diameter

If you like these designs but we don't have your size, please ask us about having one custom made.

Handmade in Castlemaine by Katherine Wheeler.