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Mino Ware Mortar & Pestle Collection


Traditional Japanese mortar and pestle - the suribachi and its surikogi - authentic mino ware, sure to enhance your kitchen space and cooking experience.

Handcrafted grooved texturing within each dish is perfect for grinding seeds, nuts and spices, mixing in fresh ingredients to create raw sauces and dips.

With classic Japanese white and black mino ware aesthetic, these dishes make beautiful serving vessels, the spout (katakuchi) makes for easy pouring.

Accompanying wooden surikogi (pestle) is made from Japanese Cypress (Tono hinoki), sustainably harvested, reclaimed scrap timber.

Choose from the following colours and sizing:

Large White - bowl measures 19.5cm diameter x 9cm tall - with 18cm long pestle

Medium Black - bowl measures 16cm diameter x 7.5cm tall - with 18cm long pestle

Small Black - bowl measures 12cm diameter x 5cm tall - with 9cm long pestle

Round Black - bowl measures 9.5cm diameter x 7cm tall - with 9cm long pestle

Small Bowls Black & White - measure 9.5cm diameter x 4cm tall - no pestle

CARE: Avoid sudden temperature change. Not suitable for use in oven, cooktop or dishwasher. Handwashing is recommended to prolong the life of handmade ceramics. Wash with soft sponge and mild detergent, avoiding metal abrasives. Dry well before storing.

Handcrafted in Japan by SHIKIKA.

Founded in 1908, SHIKIKA is proud to be the number one suribachi manufacturer in Japan. Fired in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture, the centre of Mino ware production. 

Dating back to the Asuka period 1,400 years ago, Mino ware (Mino yaki in Japanese) encompasses a wide variety of pottery produced in the eastern part of Mino Province (Gifu Prefecture). With over 15 registered traditional crafts, skilled potters preserve and adapt traditional techniques to create ceramic ware easy to use in daily life.