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Cohana Mini Scissors


Cute and compact, these miniature scissors were born from a playfulness in Japan’s foremost cutlery making town Seki, “How small can you make scissors that cut well?”

Measuring just 3.5cm long, these mini scissors have great cutting ability, grip them with your fingers and pinch lightly.

Compact to store, convenient to carry, protected in a pencil case or purse, sewing basket or studio drawer, the bean sized cases are made from high quality, genuine leather.

Small silk tassels are carefully handmade by Imasato, a specialist in tassels and knots with over 100 years experience with this traditional handicraft.

Please note: These scissors have grey (not gold) tassels, product packaging varies from that pictured.

Handmade in Japan by Hasegawa Cutlery for Cohana, priding themselves on using locally sourced, high-quality materials to create beautiful tools for crafters and artisans.