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Marine Treasures - sea urchins & star fish - Tribe Castlemaine

Marine Treasures - sea urchins & star fish


Treasures from the sea, precious additions to nature displays and specimen collections.

Shells have been collected and traded for centuries - continue the tradition with our carefully chosen collection of sustainably sourced marine treasures.

Delicate sea urchins and fragile star fish, they come to you as they come from the ocean, all natural colours, nothing dyed or man-made.

Sold individually, choose from the following creatures:

Sea urchins - knobby white : measure approx 6.5 x 5.5 x 3.5cm

Sea urchins - sputnik pink : measure approx 4.5cm diameter x 3cm high

Sea urchins - purple : measure approx 3.5 x3 x 2cm

Sea urchins - green : measure approx 5.5cm diameter x 3.5cm high

Baby starfish - measure approx 5cm diameter

Sea urchin spines - large measure approx 8-10cm long, small measure approx 5cm long

Sand dollars - also known as sea biscuits, a flat burrowing species of sea urchin, measure approx 3cm

Catseyes - measure approx 2cm long, also known as the shiva shell, actually part of the sea snail found on its foot, serving as a lid that closes the opening of their main shell. The circular shape matches their shell perfectly offering brilliant natural protection from predators. Although they are very common, they are not found on every sea snail species.

Relying on responsible suppliers sourcing only shells that are in abundance or a by product of the food industry. Many communities in developing countries harvest seashells and urchins for food, with the income from the subsequent sale of the remaining shell often their sole livelihood. These communities are educated to exercise stewardship of their reefs to ensure sustainable harvesting into the future.