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Pierced Ceramic Dishes

Pierced Ceramic Dishes


Unique, textural ceramic dishes, with repeat pierced detail, reminiscent of ocean life.

A range of irregular shapes and sizes, perfect little trinket dishes for collecting bits and pieces in any living space.

Sold individually, and lovely in a group.

Six pieces to choose from:

#1 tiny measures approx 6cm diameter and 3cm tall 

#2 small measures approx  8cm diameter and 3cm tall 

#3 small, hint of pink, measures approx 9cm diameter and 3cm tall

#4 small measures approx 10cm diameter and 4cm tall

#5 mid, waves of grey, measures approx 10cm diameter and 6cm tall

#6 large, hints of pin and blue, measures approx 13cm diameter and 4-5cm tall

Handcrafted in Castlemaine by Katherine Wheeler.