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Porcelain 'Fungi' Vessels


So striking in their simplicity, Katherine Wheeler's tiny 'fungi' vessels make beautiful stand-alone sculptural pieces. Alternatively they can be a unique place for holding rings or tiny trinkets.

Organically hand-formed in fine white porcelain, with tiny repetitive pierced detail, these pieces work equally well in modern minimalist and rustic settings. Lovely as a single piece or in a grouping.

This collection features five unique pieces:

#1 measures 40mm tall and 50mm diameter

#2 measures 34mm tall and 50mm diamteter

#3 measures 36mm tall and 44mm diameter

#4 measures 35mm tall and 42mm diameter

#5 measures 26mm tall and 30mm diameter

#6 measures 45mm tall and 48mm diameter

Handcrafted in Castlemaine by Katherine Wheeler