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Paperboard Tool Cases


Functional yet luxurious paperboard tool cases, traditionally handcrafted in Japan. 

Skilled craftsmen at Chikamori Co. Ltd designed a light and easy-to-carry square cylindrical tool case that opens horizontally into a tray for easy access to the contents inside.

Two magnets are built into the inside of the tray, so paperclips and other small metal items can be stored without hassle or spillage. Cohana's sewing notions fit perfectly in the box. Can be used as a pencil case as well. One outer side features letterpress ruler.

Boxes measures 203mm long x 37mm high x 39mm wide. Choose from two colours - grey and brown. 

Created by Chikamori Co. Ltd. established in 1926 in the small town of Konan, a producer of high-end gift boxes. Compared to today's machine-made products, the process of crafting these exquisite boxes takes more time and manpower but the quality is evident in the unique texture of these traditional handicrafts. 

Durable design, but being paper-based, boxes may be damaged by water, direct sunlight, high temperature, high humidity, friction or strong impact. As case includes a built-in magnet, keep it away from objects that are affected by magnetism, such as personal computers, mobile phones, and electronic devices.

Handmade in Japan by Chikamori Co for Cohana.

Cohana is a Japanese brand of high quality handmade tools created by KAWAGUCHI Co., Ltd. in collaborations with local industries and artisans, utilising the traditional skills, experience and knowledge of developing handicraft tools cultivated over many years since its establishment in 1953.