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Organic Hemp Wick


Hemptique's all natural, superior quality beeswaxed organic hemp wick.

Strong and water resistant, when lit this waxed hemp wick acts like a slow-burning candlestick.  An environmentally friendly alternative to butane lighters and matches.

Uses include emergency candle light, lighting candles, BBQs, fine herbs and tobacco pipesbook, bookbinding, macrame jewellery, scrapbooking, crafting and candle making.

Wick measures 1mm diameter / 2 metre length in handy little cardboard booklet.

    Designed in USA made in Romania

    About Hemptique

    Based in USA, Hemptique is the leading supplier of hemp and other natural fibre-based products worldwide, with an unyielding commitment to develop high-quality, sustainable and innovative products. A family-owned business, started in 1997, Hemptique is on a mission to revitalise hemp as the preferred choice for eco-friendly products, and a passion for the experiential usefulness of natural products and their importance in the future of our planet.