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Nettle Handspun Twine


A lovely textural, natural nettle twine for earthy craft projects.

We love this for gift wrapping and the possibilities for knitting, crochet, weaving and textile crafts. 

Unbleached, 100% nettle, approx 1-2mm diameter, comes as a hank, weighing 75-110gm. 

A softer twine than our hemp. Sustainably sourced in the Himalayas.

Fair trade handmade in India, working for the betterment of weaving women in small villages, with 5% of sales directed towards local social development projects. 

About Nettle:

Growing wild in the Himalayas, nettles grow over 3m tall.  Harvesting the dead stalks creates room for new grown, increasing CO2 absorbtion and promoting root growth for soil stabilization in the landslide prone mountains.