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Wooden Play Furniture - Tribe Castlemaine

Wooden Play Furniture


Simple, rustic, timber play furniture, everything from baby bed to the kitchen sink, providing unlimited opportunities to create inviting playscapes and furnish little homes.

These playthings are Steiner-inspired with the aim to enhance imaginative play, an essential element of early childhood development. There is no fixed way to play with them, allowing children to express their own feelings and create their own stories. Furthermore, the smell and texture of natural wooden toys creates a valuable connection with nature.

Designed in Australia, these wooden toys are fair trade handcrafted in Vietnam, providing employment opportunities for many local villagers, keeping traditional skills alive.

Using sustainably sourced timbers, each piece has its own unique character and texture.

Sold individually, choose from the following pieces:

Bed, large: 15cm long x 8cm wide x 5.5cm high

Bed, medium: 13cm long x 4.5cm wide x 5cm high

Bed, small: 11cm long x 3.5cm wide x 3cm high

Chest of drawers: 10cm high x 8cm wide x 5cm deep

Table (4.5cm high x 5cm diameter) with 2 chairs (4cm high x 5cm diameter)

Fridge: 10cm high x 4cm wide x 2.5cm deep

Stove: 11cm high x 6cm wide x 7cm deep

Sink: 8.5cm high x 6cm wide x 4.5cm deep

Kitchen table (approx 14cm long x7cm wide x 5cm high) with 4 chairs (approx 6.5cm high x 3cm diameter)

Bath: 15cm wide x 8cm tall x 7cm deep

Basin: 10cm high x 6cm wide x 6cm deep

Toilet: 9cm high x 5cm wide x 7cm deep

Shower: 9cm high x 8cm diameter