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Large Marbled Ceramic Spoons


Beautiful, and functional, large chunky ceramic spoons.

Organically hand-formed in slightly marbled ceramic, with food-grade glaze these spoons are lovely on display ready for generous servings. 

Sold individually, choose from seven designs, pictured left to right

#1 with hole, measures 21cm long and 5.5cm wide

#2 with hole, measures 18.5cm long and 4.5cm wide

#3 with hole, measures 21cm long and 5cm wide

#4 with hole, measures 21cm long and 5cm wide

#5 no hole measures 16cm long and 4cm wide

#6 no hole measure 17.5cm long and 4.5cm wide

#7 no hole measures 15.5cm long and 4cm wide

These pieces are fired to high stoneware temperatures to ensure they are strong and durable. They will withstand normal wear and tear - but unlikely to survive being dropped on hard surfaces. Dishwasher safe, but handwashing in warm soapy water with prolong their life.

Handcrafted in Castlemaine by Katherine Wheeler