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Hemp Bobbins Large


A lovely textural, natural hemp twine on a rustic old-school wooden bobbin.

We love this bobbin on hand for quick knots in the kitchen, gift tags and wrap. Endless possibilities for natural craft projects, crochet, weaving and textile crafts.

Unbleached, 100% hemp, approx 1-2mm diameter.

Bobbin measures 10cm tall and 8.5cm diameter, containing approximately 50g of hemp twine.

Relied upon for thousands of years, hemp fibre is one of the strongest and most durable of all natural textiles and is an environmentally-friendly crop.

Fair trade handmade in India, working for the betterment of weaving women in small villages, with 5% of sales directed towards local social development projects. 


About Hemp:

An extremely fast growing crop, hemp produces more fibre yield per acre than any other source. Added to this environmental benefit, hemp leaves the soil in excellent condition for any succeeding crop. Roots anchor and protect the soil from runoff, building and preserving topsoil and subsoil structures similar to those of forests. Plants shed their leaves all through the growing season, adding rich organic matter to the topsoil and helping it retain moisture. Farmers have reported excellent hemp growth on land that had been cultivated steadily for nearly 100 years.