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Heirloom Seeds : Vegetables - Tribe Castlemaine

Heirloom Seeds : Vegetables


Nothing beats the pleasure of growing your own food, especially growing from seed.

Saved and passed down from generation to generation, heirloom seeds are old-time varieties (pre-dating the sixties) open-pollinated to capture exceptional taste, nutritional value, yield and disease resistance.

Based in Melbourne, The Little Veggie Patch Co. has been dedicated to helping people grow food since 2008. Each seed pack comes with detailed growing instructions.

Choose from these popular vegetables or find our selection of herbs, fruit and edible flower seeds here.

Beans 'Windsor Longpod': popular bush bean with long green flat pods

Beetroot 'Detroit' : sweet and tasty all purpose red beet with attractive leaves for salad greens

Broccoli Romanesco, similar in taste and texture to broccoli and cauliflower, has a light green head and rough pointed texture in a striking spiraling pattern. 

Cabbage 'Savoy Purple' : sweet, nutrient rich, early savoy cabbage with green inner heads, wrapped by deep purple leaves, stores well.

Capsicum 'Wonder Sweet Bell' : the perfect bell shaped capsicum, thick walled, tender and flavoursome

Carrot 'Baby Amsterdam' : juicy, crisp and sweet, early harvest for baby carrots or leave to mature

Carrot 'Cosmic Purple' : easy to grow, great to look at home variety, with bright purple skin and deep orange flesh in long, slender, sweet tasting roots.

Cauliflower 'Snowball' : an old variety and home grower’s favourite with white/ivory heads that grow to a good size. 

Chili 'Cayenne' : not too hot so perfect fresh, dried, cured or pasted

Cucumber 'Green Gem' : grow in-ground or in a pot, perfect partner to mint, yoghurt, red onion and feta

Eggplant 'Florida Market' : old market variety, very large plant producing large, bell-shaped fruit

Kale ‘Dwarf Blue : a Russian variety producing frilled leaves. Cold hardy, very productive, can produce for well over a year, in between attacks from the white cabbage moth and its caterpillars.

Leek ‘Bulgarian Giant’ : a long thin leek of the best quality light green leaves. Fine autumn variety with long growing period, of up to 6-9 months, they store well in ground during the cooler months.

Lettuce 'Boston' : a heading type of lettuce - although best to be picked leaf by leaf - large, tender, not bitter, good for salads.

Mustard : a broad leafed mustard with large aromatic light green leaves. All parts of the plant are used—roots, shoots, stems and leaves. Great in soup, salad, stir-fry and pickled.

Onion ‘Gladalan White’ : produces medium to large sized white bulbs. Can be grown as an autumn or spring crop. Sweet and mild, great cooked or roasted, or even better raw in salads and sandwiches.

Onion ‘Japanese Red Beard’ : a red stemmed bunching (or spring) onion. Easy to grow and suited to variety of soil types. Rather than harvest the entire onion, cut down for it to regenerate and produce subsequent harvests.

Pak Choy 'Green' : fast growing leafy green, best sown direct when conditions are stable, or propagate and transplant

Peas 'Snap Sugar Bon' : delicious sweet, crunch pods for garden snacking

Pumpkin 'Small Sugar' : each compact vine yeilds 4-6 fruit with smooth, bright orange flesh

Radish 'Cherry Belle' : fast maturing variety producing crisp, mildly peppery radishes 

Rocket ‘Salad’ : easy to grow, at most times of the year. A mildly spicy flavour, that increases in pungency as it shoots its flower heads, it can be productive for a number of months through the flowering process.

Snow Pea 'Oregan' : large, sweet, crunchy pods growing on 1.5m tall plants which need a trellis, good for both autumn and spring planting

Spinach 'Bloomsdale' : heavy yeilding, hardy spinach with thick glossy dark green leaves

Squash 'Golden Summer Crookneck' : one of the oldest types of squash, popular to the home grower for its ribbed and bell shaped rich yellow/orange fruit, easy to grow and great eating.

Swiss Chard 'Rainbow' : hardy, shade tolerant, producing tender and sweet leaves in a full spectrum of colours, Rainbow Chard can be grown all year round.

Sweet Corn : a sweet variety of corn that has juicy kernels with a high sugar content. 

Tomato 'Burnley Surecrop' : developed to suit Melbourne conditions, a tall, vigorous, plant producing medium sized, round fruit

Tomato 'Tommy Toe' : produces an abundance of mid sized cherry tomatoes resilient to pests and disease

Tomato 'Yellow Pear' : heavy yields of sweet and juicy pretty little pear shaped tomatoes


Turnip ‘Purple Top’ : smooth, round roots, averaging 7-10cm in diameter, this turnip is white below the soil line and bright purple above. Its large, lobed greens are also edible and should not be wasted.

Zucchini 'Black Beauty' : prized for its creamy flesh and dark green skin, a reliable, hardy, and productive plant that fruits early continuing for many months.