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Lab Glassware : Beakers & Flasks - Tribe Castlemaine

Lab Glassware : Beakers & Flasks


Indulge your budding scientist or enhance your apothecary practice with our selection of authentic laboratory glassware.

A versatile range of flasks and beakers, perfect for creating potions, collecting specimens or building a herbarium display.

Made from thick 3.3 borosilicate glass, these pieces tolerate naked flame and rapid changes in temperature. 

Narrow mouth erlenmeyer flasks with beaded rim and narrow conical neck to prevent spilling when contents are swirled. Manufactured to ISO 1773, ensuring quality in construction and measurements.

Sold individually, choose from three sizes:

50ml - Height 82mm Diameter 50mm

100ml  - Height 105mm Diameter 64mm 

1000ml  - Height 220mm Diameter 130mm

Transparent glass beakers with convenient spout for pouring and double scale graduations. Certified to ISO-3819 standards, which ensure quality in construction and measurement. 

Sold individually, choose from six sizes:

10ml  Height 30mm Diameter 30mm

50ml  Height 50mm Diameter 40mm

100ml Height 80mm Diameter 50mm

250ml Height 95mm Diameter 75mm

1000ml Height 180mm Diameter 105mm