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Glass Reagent Bottles Amber


So many creative uses for these traditional amber glass reagent bottles, perhaps to store apothecary creations, lovely addition to nature history display. A sweet, simple vase without the stopper.

Heavy duty amber glass bottles with wide neck and ground glass stopper. 

No markings on bottles, tops of stoppers feature volume marking.

Sold individually, choose from 1000ml, 500ml, 250ml, 125ml, 60ml and 30ml.

No markings on jars, stoppers feature volume marking.

1000ml / Height: 215mm / Diameter: 100mm / Neck Diameter: 70mm

500ml / Height: 175mm / Diameter: 80mm / Neck Diameter: 55mm

250ml / Height: 135mm / Diameter: 70mm / Neck Diameter: 40mm 

125ml / Height: 110mm / Diameter: 55mm / Neck Diameter: 35mm 

60ml / Height: 90mm / Diameter: 46mm / Neck Diameter: 28mm 

30ml / Height: 72mm / Diameter: 38mm / Neck Diameter: 22mm