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Gift of Seeds Edibles


Gifts that grow. Connection with nature we all fundamentally need. Enjoy the bonus of growing your own food with these edible seed mixes.

Featuring original artwork by Daniella Germain, Gift of Seeds are both a beautiful card and a joyous gift experience for someone in your life, or even yourself.

Three varieties to choose from:

Trio of Herbs : a mix of parsley, coriander and basil, perfect for the kitchen gardener. Each herb is easy to grow, and will blossom with love. Sow in spring and summer, simply scatter the seeds, cover with a thin layer of soil in a sunny position and keep moist until germination. Varieties: Basil: Sweet Genovese, Ocimum basilicum, Parsley: Italian, Petroselinium hortense, Coriander: Fiesta Green, Coriandum sativum

Culinary Flowers : flowers so beautiful you could eat them! A mix of Nasturtium, Viola and Cornflower seeds. After watching your flowers bloom, tuck in and enjoy. Plant in full sun in spring and summer. Bury seeds as deep as the height of the seed, and keep soil moist. 

Leafy Greens : a mix of lettuce, spinach and rocket seeds to make the handiest, easiest greenery for every meal. There's nothing quite like tucking into your own home grown produce after nurturing and watching it grow. Best sown from spring to autumn, simply scatter seeds in a sunny position and cover with a thin layer of soil. Varieties: Lettuce ‘lactuca sativa’, Rocket ‘Eruca sativa’, Spinach ‘Spinacia oleracea’.

Each pack includes a packet of mixed seeds, a plastic illustrative plant label and sowing instructions, with a 100% recycled kraft envelope for mailing. 

Made in Australia by Sow 'n Sow.