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Farm Goat Soap Bars


Luxurious handcrafted goat milk soaps, leaving you and your skin nurtured and nourished.

Artisan-made with locally farmed goat's milk and pure essential oils, Farm Goat handcraft cold processed soaps in small batches with unprocessed, full bodied, high fat content goat's milk married with sustainable oils. 

Individually wrapped, sold individually, 110g bars, choose from the following blends:

Hemp Seed & French Green Clay : Full of fatty acids and minerals, Hemp Seed Oil soothes and hydrates your skin. Blended with the cleansing qualities of French Green Clay and Goat’s Milk (of course) to create a gentle, non-scented soap for sensitive skin. 
Ingredients: Olive, coconut & hemp seed oils (saponified), Goats Milk, Glycerine (forms in soap when made) french green clay.

Exfoliating Lime & Roasted Coconut : roasted coconut makes for a great exfoliator, while lime essential oil brings anti-bacterial qualities and has uplifting effects on both the mind and body. Ingredients: Olive & coconut oils (saponified), Goats Milk, Glycerine (forms in soap when made), roasted coconut, lime essential oil.

Exfoliating Lemongrass & Sumac : energising and refreshing. Sumac gives this bar a light exfoliating texture and leaves your skin feeling soft and restored.  Invigorating lemongrass scent gives you the uplifting energy to get your day started with a sense of calm. Ingredients: Olive & coconut oils (saponified), Goats Milk, Glycerine (forms in soap when made), sumac, lemongrass essential oil.

Spearmint and Cinnamon : with a powerful uplifting scent, this bar produces a cool refreshing sensation on your skin, while the Spearmint and Cinnamon both help nourish and improve its texture. Ingredients: Olive & coconut oils (saponified), Goats Milk, Glycerine (forms in soap when made), cinnamon, spearmint essential oil.

Native Citrus : a divine citrus based blend of Lemon Myrtle, Lemongrass, Lime, Rosemary and Lemon Eucalyptus pure essential oils for an uplifting refreshing shower, naturally anti-bacterial. Ingredients: Olive & coconut oils (saponified), lemon myrtle, lemongrass, rosemary, lime and lemon eucalyptus essential oils.

Unscented Goat's Milk : The most gentle of soaps, with no essential oils, recommended for sensitive skin. Packed with creamy, healthy goats milk to help nourish and moisturise your skin. Ingredients: Olive and coconut oils (saponified), goats milk.

Small batch handmade in Melbourne by Farm Goat