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Daruma Sashiko Thread - Thick 6-strand


A slightly thicker 6-strand sashiko thread, revealing clearly visible stitches, recommended for sashiko with a large pattern. 

Sashiko is a traditional Japanese embroidery style dating back to the Edo period (1615–1868). Used by working class farming and fishing families to make stronger more practical workwear, a worn-out piece was stitched with layers of old cloth, producing a sturdy garment passed down through generations. Sashiko translates to English as little stabs, a reference to the simple running stitch used.

Sashiko thread is more twisted than embroidery floss and not designed to be separated into strands. 100% cotton, it has a matte finish, with no sheen.

Length : 30 metres / 100% cotton / wound onto heavyweight cardboard bobbins for easy use and storage

Also available in Fine 4-strand here

Daruma thread made in Japan by the Yokota Corporation

In 1901 Chozaemon Yokota set out to become the maker of the highest quality sewing thread in the world. This 'quality is timeless'  principle is embodied in their threads, cloths and sewing products, distributed widely across Japan.