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Cohana Yazen Leather Tape Measure


With its rich leather cover and timeless Japanese design, this unique tape measure is a work of art in itself.

Superior quality, functional and beautiful, handbag size with retractable tape, 150cm in length, with hand stamped patterned leather case with tabs.

Crafted and sewn by hand by the master leatherworker Mr. Takeguchi, the cover features Cohana’s signature flower motif. Mr. Takeguchi adapted traditional Yuzen kimono-dyeing techniques to leather, resulting in an exquisite, three-dimensional design.

Maker, Hara DOKI, has specialised in the manufacture and development of measuring tools since 1906 in Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Extremely accurate, the numerals on one side of the tape are aligned horizontally while the reverse side is aligned vertically, with classic two-tone colour scheme in 10cm increments to enable effortless measurement.

Creatively designed, unique and original yet highly practical, beautifully packaged, Cohana products make delightful heirloom gifts for any maker.

Measures 65mm diameter x 15mm high/ length 150cm

Handmade in Japan by Cohana.

COHANA is a Japanese brand of high quality handmade tools created by KAWAGUCHI Co., Ltd. in collaborations with local industries and artisans, utilising the traditional skills, experience and knowledge of developing handicraft tools cultivated over many years since its establishment in 1953.