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Cohana Needle Sets

Cohana Needle Sets


Superior quality steel sewing needle sets made by Japan’s Meboso, long regarded as the best quality needle makers.

The unique feature of these strong, fine needles is vertical polishing which enables them to pierce with little contact and move smoothly through fabric.

Meboso needles have long been loved by Kanazawa steamstresses, who treated their valuable work tools with care, wrapping them in hand sewn bags or containers hanging from their necks.

This tradition inspired the needle cases, paper tubes from Aichi Paper Tube Co. with a small tassel made of Kanagawa’s silk and gold threads.

Available in two sizes:

#1 for thin to normal fabric - contains 8 needles 2 units of each No. 4-1, No. 4-2, No. 4-3, No. 3-2 (gold stripe packaging)

#2 for thick fabric like a denim or heavy drill cotton - contains 8 needles 2 units of No. 6; 3 units No. 7; 3 units No. 8.(silver stripe packaging)  

Handmade in Japan by Cohana, who pride themselves on using locally sourced, high-quality materials to create beautiful tools for crafters and artisans.na.