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Hasami Magnetic Spools

Hasami Magnetic Spools


Delightful hasami pottery magnetic spools, a beautiful way to organise your workspace or desk.

Containing a strong magnet, these spools hold metal objects securely on both the inside and exterior, and can be used to pick up dropped pins directly from your workstation. Lined with soft felt to protect pins and needles from damage by contact with the ceramic base.

Fired at a low temperatures by expert craftsmen, these pieces feature a lustre and texture reminiscent of ancient pottery, embodying the wabi-sabi spirit of simple, rustic elegance. Each pin holder is finished with a colourful glaze to resemble a real spool of thread.

Cohana has collaborated with ceramics company Ishimaru Togei of Hasami, a Japanese town with a 400-year history of producing the highest-quality ceramics, collectively known as Hasami ware.

Choose from five colours, beautifully packaged, a thoughtful heirloom gift for sewers and makers.

Handmade in Japan by Cohana, who pride themselves on using locally sourced, high-quality materials to create beautiful tools for crafters and artisans.