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Casso Recycled Plastic Garden Fork


Eco-friendly garden tools made in Australia from 100% recycled plastic bottle caps.

The Casso Hand Fork is inspired by the cassowary, for their powerful claws, making the design easy to turn over earth in your garden.  

Sturdy but lightweight with a long handle and ergonomic grip, suitable for all gardening levels, from beginner kids to experienced green thumbs. 

Plus, feel good knowing every tool diverts 75 plastic lids from landfill. Drink bottle lids are shredded, then melted, before being injected into a mould. This high density poly ethylene (HDPE 2) is strong but lightweight, in fact just as strong as conventional tools on the market, with a tensile strength of 3200 – 4500 PSI or 224 kg of weight per centre metre square. 

The recycled plastic is resistant to chemicals, water and UV light, but not fade resistant - as this would require additional chemicals added to the process.

Fork measures 26cm long.

Quality, long lasting tools requiring minimal upkeep. Pair with the Womby Hand Trowel here.

Made in Australia / 100% Indigenous owned / 100% recycled

About Gardening on Country

Gardening on Country was established in 2023 with a mission to foster a circular economy, where the utilisation of recycled plastic products becomes the standard.

Proud descendant of the Yuin Mob from the Southeast Coast of NSW, Mitchell Skuta was born in Bairnsdale, Victoria, on Gunaikurnai Country, where Gardening on Country tools are now made.

He is driven by a passion for the environment and a strong desire to contribute to its protection.