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Botanical Dye Kits : Indigo & Lime


Explore the ancient art of indigo dye with this easy-to-use botanical dye kit.

Kit includes natural ‘activated indigo’ dye powder, pre-reduced through a fermentation process and ready to use with the correct proportion of lime (calcium hydroxide).

Choose the smallest size if you'd just like to try indigo dyeing for the first time, with 1 litre of dye, or be adventurous with the largest kit which makes 20 litres of dye.

Dye does not have to be used immediately, retain some of your batch for future use.

Easy to follow instructions included.

Choose from:

#1 200g activated indigo & 400g lime will make a 20 litre batch (can use 1/2 immediately and retain 1/2)

#2 100g activated indigo & 200g lime will make 10 litre batch

#3 20g activated indigo & 40g lime will make 1 litre batch

#4 20 activated indigo (no lime)

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