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Black Recycled Glass Beads


Strand of large, textural black recycled glass beads, lovely on display.

Produced largely by the West African Krobo tribe, these beads are handmade using traditional techniques passed down for generations. Recycled bottles are powdered into a dry grain which is heated then poured into clay moulds, with cassava leaf stems inserted to make the holes. The beads are baked in a furnace, melting the glass, burning the cassava stem leaving grainy textured sand glass beads.  

Recycled glass beads are one of the leading exports of Ghana, helping millions to evade poverty and generate a regular income for their families.

Beads measure approx 18mm diameter / hole size approx 3mm / strand length approx 75cm.

Sourcing beautiful handmade beading treasures from around the world, all items are fair trade supporting developing communities.