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PaperPhine Paper Yarns - Tribe Castlemaine

PaperPhine Paper Yarns


Long forgotten, paper yarns and twines are slowly being rediscovered as an environmentally benign and sustainable craft material.

Authentic fine paper yarns from the PaperPhine studio, based in the heart of Vienna, Austria. Made from European wood, this very light though sturdy, simple yet elegant material offers endless possibilities to the advanced artisan, intrigued student and curious designer.

Available in three weights, perfect for weaving, basket making, crocheting, knitting, jewellery making, scrapbooking, hand-detailed decorations and elegant gift wrapping. 

With an warm touch and natural kraft colour these twines are sturdy enough to be dyed and coloured to lovely dark hues.

Available in three different weights:

STRONG : Diameter about 1mm / 0.04 inch   

MEDIUM : Diameter about 0.6mm / 0.02 inch 

FINE : Diameter about 0.4mm / 0.01 inch

Each variation is sold by the metre, or 10 metre length wound onto flat wooden bobbin.

For creative inspiration visit the PaperPhine website www.paperphine.com

Featured artworks pictured here:

Knitted Paper Yarn Necklace by RefinedByRuth

Paper Cord Baskets by BEST BEFORE


After years of experimenting and experiencing the unique qualities of paper, paper yarns and twines, PaperPhine was founded in 2009. Combining formal and informal training in a wide variety of textile techniques as well as paper making and bookbinding, the always curious and passionate PaperPhines are constantly looking for new ways to use their materials of choice, preserving and reviving old techniques and incoporating state-of-the-art methods into their designs.