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Hand Carved She-Oak Cooking Utensils - Tribe Castlemaine

Hand Carved She-Oak Cooking Utensils


Gorgeous rustic utensils, traditionally handcrafted from Australian She-Oak, functional sculptures to elevate your kitchen space and cooking experience.

Hand carved in Australia, these pieces are intended as an authentic expression of the beauty of native hardwood, She-Oak (Casuarina), so named because it has the prized medullary rays of Oak but with a more graceful beauty and spontaneous nature. Inside, She-Oak dances with colours ranging from pale cream, apricot to pink flushes which oxidise over time to take on rich ebony, chocolate and walnut hues.

In a meditative making process, artisan Luke Crouch embraces the organic way each piece of wood wants to be shaped. From trunk to finished utensil, the entire process is completed by hand using traditional tools and techniques. No sandpaper to smooth off the carve marks, finished only with spokeshaves, scrapers and hand-stitched rasps. Sun-cured to release the natural pigments of this tannin-rich wood, utensils are sealed with MCT oil.

The result is a collection of useful and unique spoons and cooking tools. Sold individually, choose from the following pieces:

Paddle spoon for mixing, serving & tossing / measure approx 36cm long x 7cm wide

Straight ladle for stirring, tasting & serving / measure approx 35cm long x 5cm wide

Slotted ladle for poaching, boiling & serving / measure approx 36cm long x 5cm wide

Spatula for turning, flipping & folding / measure approx 35cm long x 6.5cm wide

Wok tool for stirring / measure approx 33cm long x 7cm wide

Bakers tool for mixing, kneading & scraping / measure approx 36cm long x 4cm wide

Each tool is adaptable to multiple uses, and open to individual interpretation for its perfect purpose, as each new home carves out their own stories and connections.

PRODUCT CARE : As with any wooden product, do not leave your utensils soaking in water for long periods or put them in the dishwasher.

To help retain their lustre, simply rub with a small amount of MCT oil after every few uses. MCT oil is a supplement made from medium-chain triglycerides, a type of fat derived from coconut and palm kernel oil.  It is available in supermarkets and chemists.

Use your utensils and use them often. Enjoy the changing colour as the tannins oxidise and the grain is taken over by hues of ebony, walnut and chocolate.

Handmade in NSW by Wood + Soul.