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Pierced Ceramic Dishes Stoney Grey Various Designs

Pierced Ceramic Dishes Stoney Grey Various Designs


Katherine Wheeler creates interest and texture with these earthy ceramic pieces featuring her pierced technique. Irregular shapes and unglazed surfaces only enhance their organic appeal.

Gorgeous simply on display, these vessels can be equally functional in every room of the house.

In the kitchen, larger versions are great for holding stone fruit and grapes, while mid-size are perfect for garlic cloves. In the bathroom, an interesting soap holder. And with their tiny holes, all are gorgeous for pot plants.

Lovely stand-alone pieces, and stunning in a grouping.

This collection currently features:

#1 Vase shaped dish measures 88mm tall by 140mm diameter at the top, narrowing to 50mm diameter at the base 

#2 Goblet measures 110mm tall by 90mm diameter at top

#3 Vase shaped dish measures 72mm tall and 100mm diameter

#4 Cup shaped dish measures 80mm tall and 95mm diameter

#5 Smaller cup shaped dish measures 55mm tall and 80mm diameter

#6 A finer textured vessel, glazed inside, perfect candle holder bowl measures 60mm tall and 80mm diameter

#7 Goblet shaped vessel, measures 90mm tall and 80mm diameter at the top

#8 Medium bowl measures 49mm tall and 100mm diameter

#9 Small bowl measures 40mm tall and 85mm diameter

Handmade in Castlemaine by Katherine Wheeler.