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Specimen Science Glassware

Specimen Science Glassware


Indulge your budding scientist or enhance your apothecary practice with our range of authentic science glassware.

A cute selection of flasks, beaker and test tubes, perfect for creating potions, collecting specimens or building a herbarium display.

Made from thick 3.3 borosilicate glass, these pieces tolerate naked flame and rapid changes in temperature. 

Narrow mouth erlenmeyer flasks with beaded rim and narrow conical neck to prevent spilling when contents are swirled. Manufactured to ISO 1773, ensuring quality in construction and measurements.

Choose from 100ml (Height 105mm Diameter 131mm) and 50ml (Height 70mm Diameter 42mm)

Transparent glass beakers with convenient spout for pouring and double scale graduations. Certified to ISO-3819 standards, which ensure quality in construction and measurement. Capacity 100ml Height 70mm Diameter 50mm

Glass test tubes with reinforced rims, the larger comes with a rubber stopper. Choose from two sizes 150ml long (with rubber stopper) and 100ml long.


Beaker Capacity 100ml Height 70mm Diameter 50mm

Flask Capacity 100ml Height 105mm Diameter 131mm

Flask Capacity 50ml Height 70mm Diameter 42mm

Test tube #1 150ml long x 15mm diameter with rubber stopper Capacity 22ml

Test tube #2 100ml long x 12mm diameter Capacity 12ml