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We're all in information-overload at the moment, so just a brief note to keep our lovely customers in touch. 

In support of community well-being our little shopfront in Castlemaine is now closed. 

Worldwide, everyone is impacted. For small-scale makers it's the cancellation of markets and closure of independent stores upon which they rely. 

If you feel so inclined, we'd love you to keep supporting us online, 24/7 if you fancy.

We'll still be making beautiful, functional, ethical, sustainable wares and adding them to our website as soon as we can.

We'll also be taking this time to retreat and reset, nourish our homes, our families, our neighbours, our communities, finding way to make hearts sing. 

We'll do our best to stay connected while making the most of the opportunities isolation brings. 

We hope in some small way to be part of the good in the world which sees us through this crisis, emerging in a better place.

Sending all good wishes, as we continue connecting with each other and, perhaps most importantly, connecting with Mother Nature.  

with love, ange x