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Wooden Spoons : Three Sizes


Every kitchen needs a selection of wooden spoons, here's our pick for three functional, natural options.

#1 Extra Long -  at 45cm long with a 6cm wide head, this is a great extra long length for stirring deep pots of soup or jam, made from beechwood.

#2  Mid - an all-purpose mid size spoon, measuring 32cm long with a 5cm wide head, made from maple wood

#3 Small - only 20cm long with a 4.5cm wide head, this is a handy little spoon for small pots and mixing tasks, made from maple wood.

One of the sturdiest woods, dense with a closed grain, maple wood has natural bacteria killing properties. 

To preserve wood life, not recommended for dishwashers. Wooden utensils can be refreshed with a light rubbing of food grade oil, such as olive oil. 

Made in Germany