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Socks that Protect Animals Collection


A great gift for the animal lover - 3-pack of organic cotton socks which protect Australian wildlife.

Here's the idea. Take a product that everyone uses and produce it in a way that gives back to the planet rather than taking from it.

That's what Conscious Socks are about. Ensuring every product is fair trade, sustainable and directly funding vital causes so your socks are actually creating a tangible impact in making the world a better place.

Three pairs of socks, including orange kangaroos on grey melange; light blue crocodiles on green; and sleepy koalas on light blue. Each pair supports Wildlife Warriors and their work to save the unique creatures of Australia.

Designed for versatility, these organic cotton sockss feature a padded insole and extra arch support.

Conscious Step donates $1 per pair to Trees for the Future - working to plant trees for better soil and more successful farmers.

Conscious Steps cotton growing and sock manufacturing occurs in India, benefiting from the country's organic farming expertise and sustainable supply chain leadership, and supporting sustainable farming cooperatives. Their entire supply chain is GOTS and vegan certified. Crops are not treated with herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, nor are they genetically modified.

Fair trade certified, no child labor, but rather minimum wage compliance, overtime compensation and freedom of association for workers.

Your socks create a tangible impact in making the world a better place.


SMALL = Mens size 4-8 Womens size 5-9

REGULAR = Mens 8-13 Womens 9-14

75% organic cotton, 23% polyamide, 2% spandex 

Fair trade / GOTS / Vegan Certified 

Made in India

Care: Machine warm wash. Dry on low heat. Do not iron.

When we all make conscious decisions about our products and their impact on our planet we can collectively move towards a brighter, sustainable, poverty-free world. Find out heaps more at www.conscious step.com