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Warndu Sandalwood Nuts


A superb native Australian bush food, sandalwood nut kernels have a unique and delicate flavour with an amazing texture which makes it a highly versatile ingredient or a stand-alone product. 

Related to the Macadamia nut, sandalwood nuts have a similar texture but a very mild flavour. Great seasoned and toasted, perfect anything you would use nuts in cooking, or simply as a healthy snack.

Grown in the desert and arid regions of Australia, sandalwood nuts are loaded with protein and dietary fibre, providing a plentiful source of valuable fatty acids – ximenynic acid and oleic acid.

For centuries Indigenous Australians consumed sandalwood nuts as a cure for rheumatoid arthritis and applied the oil topically to skin to aid with inflammatory conditions and body aches.

Warndu means 'good' in the Adnyamathanha language, native to the Flinders Ranges country. Founded in 2016, Warndu is an indigenous owned company, with a mission to regenerate culture, community, tradition, heath and our soils.  

100g resealable recyclable pack

Australian grown, harvested by Warndu.