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Tribe Renew Room Spray


Renew your home with this calming, cleansing and uplifting blend of essential oils, perfect for these times of stress and illness.

Created in a spring water base this room spray includes:

honey myrtle - uplifting, stress relieving, aids happiness, clears the mind and calms noisy children

lavender - calming, anxiety reducing, antiseptic, aids sleep

bergamot - relieve stress, antibacterial

peppermint - energy boosting, cold & flu prevention

eucalyptus - antiseptic, decongestant

clary sage - calming, stress reducing, antibacterial

cypress - antiseptic, stress relief, aids respiratory system

Created by local aromatherapist, Christiana Jackson, especially for Tribe, for times of stress and healing.

100ml amber glass bottle. Also available as an essential oil for oil burners and diffusers.

Small batch, handmade in Castlemaine by The Sweet Beekeeper