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Wooden Necklaces : Purple Wood Wattle


Experience a primal connection to nature wearing one of these incredible handcrafted wooden necklaces.

Working with salvaged timbers, local artisan Nick Corea is guided by the intrinsic properties of each piece of wood in shaping unique pendants which capture the essential beauty of each individual piece.

Pendants are polished to a silky smooth finish, so beautiful to touch. They hang from simple black cotton cord, adjustable in length with a wooden bead.

This collection, featuring five truly unique pieces in rich burgundy red, is crafted from Purple Wood Wattle (Acacia carnei) from north west NSW.

#1 measures 55 long x 20mm 

#2 measures 56mm x 29mm

#3 triangle measures 38mm long x 24mm wide

#4 measures 50mm long x 20mm wide

#5 measures 80mm long x 9mm wide


A unique gift, particulary for that hard-to-buy-for man in your life.

Handmade in Castlemaine by Sequoia Handcraft.