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High quality botanical rubber stamps for papercraft, journalling, snail mail, DIY stationery handmade by Stempel Jazz available at Tribe Castlemaine

Rubber Stamps: Botanical


Get creative with stamping - make your own stationery, journals, snail mail, endless possibilities.

These high quality stamps are sustainably handmade in Germany by Stempel Jazz, using 100% natural rubber and beechwood. With a layer of sponge foam for better stamp impressions, stamps are sealed with clear acrylic for durability.


Pussy willow: Stamp size: 43x55mm Motif size: 40x50mm

Umbrella toadstool: Stamp size: 15x15mm Motif size: 9x11mm

Traditional toadstool: Stamp size: 15x15mm Motif size: 10x12mm

Dandelion seed: Stamp size: 20x15mm Motif size: 15x18mm

Rosehip branch: Stamp size: 45x20mm Motif size: 38x14mm

Cherry blossom branch: Stamp size: 45x95mm Motif size: 32x86mm

Fir tree branch: Stamp size: 30x45mm Motif size: 25x40mm


Choose from over 40 stamp designs along with stationery supplies in our Papercraft section.