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Rock Coral Dishes Marbled

Rock Coral Dishes Marbled


So intricate, these unique ceramic bowls cry out to hold precious things, perhaps rings or a favourite chain. Or simply admired for their intrinsic beauty.

Handformed to reveal Katherine Wheeler's detailed coral design, this collection features marbled white porcelain and earthy stoneware. 

These look equally stunning alone, or as part of a grouping.

Currently collection features:

 #1 Blue: approx 110mm diameter and 45mm tall

#2 Large: approx 145mm diameter and 50mm tall

#3 Small: approx 80mm diameter and 30mm tall

#4 Small: approx 70mm diameter and 35mm tall

#5 Small: approx 60mm diameter and 25mm tall

#6 Small: approx 50mm diameter and 20mm tall 

#7 Tiny: approx 40mm diameter and 18mm tall

Handmade in Castlemaine by Katherine Wheeler