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Pure Wool Leg Warmers

Pure Wool Leg Warmers


Keep your legs snuggly warm with these pure merino wool leg warmers from Mongrel Tasmanis. Or try them on your arms!

Made with two distinctly different ends, one is finished with a ribbed cuff and welt, the other with an overlock, so it can be pulled lower to avoid a “gap” between your shoe and legwarmer. Every leg is different though, so best to try them each way up to see what works for you. Designed to be unisex, the width and length of the wearers leg will determine where the leg warmer  naturally sits.

Mongrel leg warmers are made with certified Tasmanian grown and non-mulesed 20.5 micron pure wool. A luxuriously soft fibre, Tasmanian merino is the product of nature, careful environmental stewardship, and over 180 years of knowledge and experience. GMO free and officially boasting the world’s cleanest air, pure, fresh water and four distinct seasons, Tasmania provides the ideal conditions for happy sheep growing luxury fine merino wool.

Made on antique sock machines in service since 1928, these warmers are high quality knitted construction for super soft comfort. Warmth in the cold, maintained even when damp.

One size only, leg warmers measure approximately 50cm long and 20cm circumference at the overlocked end. 

Choose from natural oat or black & white.

Machine washable on a short/cold cycle. 

Made in Tasmania by Mongrel Socks