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Porcelain Coral Spoons


Inspired by the ocean, Katherine Wheeler captures the essence of coral in her intricate rock coral ceramic work.

Organically hand formed in fine white porcelain, these spoons are amazing as stand-alone pieces, or paired with one of Katherine's rock coral dishes.

Food grade glaze, safe for use in a sugar bowl or salt caddy. We recommend careful hand-washing.

Six designs to choose from in this collection, pictured left to right:

#1 measures 90mm long 

#2 measures 92mm long 

#3 measures 102mm long 

#4 measures 106mm long

#5 measures 110mm long

#6 measures 130mm long, formed with some raku ceramic, making it stronger and slightly greyer in colour.

A unique gift for the ocean lover.

Handcrafted in Castlemaine by Katherine Wheeler