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Porcelain 'Creature' Bowl Cups

Porcelain 'Creature' Bowl Cups


Katherine Wheeler's unique, intricately detailed 'creature' artwork captured in these gorgeous large ceramic bowl-style cups.

Organically hand-formed in fine white porcelain, these wide brimmed vessels double as a small bowl, fitting perfecting in your hands.

With washes of colour, intricate hand-painted detail and touches of 24ct gold lustre highlight, these cups are works of art, sure to bring joy to your day.

Choose from two unique designs:

#1 measures approx 10-11cm diameter at the top, and 6.5cm tall

#2 measures  approx 10cm diameter at the top, and 7.5cm tall

High temperature fired to ensure their strength, with food grade glaze. We recommend careful hand-washing and no abrasive cleaning, to preserve the gold detail.

Handcrafted in Castlemaine by Katherine Wheeler