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Plant Dye Zine


New Plant Dye Zine, from UK-based natural dyer, Rebecca Desnos.

100+ pages of botanical dye recipes, tutorials, articles and inspiration.

  1. Botanical inks on paper, made from avocado stones + pomegranate skins (by Rebecca Desnos)
  2. Eco-printing with leaves (by Louise Upshall from Gumnut Magic)
  3. Petal paint (by Rebecca Desnos)
  4. Flower + leaf pounding (a brand new technique by Samorn Sanixay)
  5. Inspiration from the forest – blind tree drawings and making ink from pinecones (by Yasuna Iman)
  6. Making paint from oak galls (by Rebecca Desnos)
  7. Homegrown colour: starting your own dye garden (by Flora Arbuthnott from Plants + Colour)
  8. Growing cuttings (by Tina Bettison)
  9. Bundle dyeing with flowers (by Maggie Pate from Nade Studio)
  10. Make + decorate a flower press (by Rebecca Desnos)
  11. Flower pressing: bonus interview + tutorial with lots of wonderful tips! (by Tricia Paoluccio from Modern Pressed Flower)

Soft cover / 108 pages / no advertisements / this paperback is the same size as Botanical Colour at your Fingertips, measuring 234 x 15mm.