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Organic Tea Towels


Living sustainably is a big deal to us, that's why we love these organic tea towels.

Inspired by practical organic gardening and permaculture techniques, five easy ways to become more self-sufficient, with simple messages presented in a fun and functional way.

Designed and hand-illustrated by the gang at Good Life Permaculture, doing all the good stuff in Tasmania, these towels are 100% organic cotton, in a lovely earthy oatmeal colour. Measuring 70cm x 45cm they are made in India and printed with water based in in Hobart. 

A fun easy-to-post gift for the permaculture convert, or someone who’d like a little gentle persuasion.

Choose from seven designs:

Flowers for Bees: Worldwide the bees need our help to survive. Here’s just some of the many flowers you can plant to provide them with food, relevant to temperate/cool temperate climates.

Happy Chooks:  how to keep your chickens happy and healthy with chicken systems and plants you can grow to ensure their maximum health.  

Compost = Life & Love: gardening is all about the soil, here’s some easy information on a range of small and large composting methods for the keen gardener. 

Homebrew Beer + Cheer: inspired by the joy of making things from scratch, offers information on three ways to brew beer at home. A great gift for blokes!


Duck, Duck, Goose: lots of interesting information on ducks and geese and how to integrate them into your productive garden. 

Delicious Sauerkraut: An easy introduction to the wonderful world of fermenting, this tea towel shows you how to make your own delicious and nutritious sauerkraut from scratch.

How to Prune Fruit Trees: simple illustrations and clear, easy to follow instructions on how to prune your fruit trees into a vase shape, which can give the highest yield possible from one tree. 

Handmade in Tasmania by Goodlife Permaculture.