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Organic Beeswax Taper Candles


Pure organic Australian beeswax taper candles from Northern Lights Candle Company.

Slender and tall, each taper candle will burn for 7 hours – a perfect, refined balance of beeswax, candlewick and light.

Each candle will stand on its own, sticking to any dry surface, using its own wax as an anchor.

A popular choice for weddings and gatherings. The perfect meditation candle to start your day beside.

Ingenious and balanced.

Candle dimensions: 275mm height x 10mm diameter

Made in Northern NSW by Northern Light Candle Company. 


When you buy Northern Light Candle Company’s organic beeswax candles, you can feel happy knowing that you are contributing to a brighter future.  We show respect to the environment by our choices and deeds. We care for living creatures and have a long standing relationship with bees.