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Natural Dyed Muslin Scarves : Cool Collection

Natural Dyed Muslin Scarves : Cool Collection


Subtle blue-grey tones from nature captured in these light and breezy organic cotton muslin scarves.

Botanically dyed by hand, each scarf is unique as no two dye pots are the same. Irregularities in texture and colour and frayed edges are part of their natural charm. 

Measuring 160cm long x 100cm wide (65x42 inch) these pieces make a versatile addition to your wardrobe, transitioning smoothly between the seasons.

Natural colours evolve over time, as all things in nature do. Exposure to sun hastens the process.

Occasional hand-wash only, very gently, in cold water. Dry in shade.

Scarves can be refreshed with a plant-based dye bath or eco-print. 

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Handmade in Castlemaine by Tribe with organic cotton muslin sourced in India.