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Merchant & Mills Xylan 10" Shears


Classic 10" tailor's shears with a modern matt black finish.

Coated with xylan for durability and the very smoothest of cuts. Xylan coating was originally designed to cut through leather and carbon fibre, you can imagine how sharp they are! 

10″ or 25.5cm. Blade length is 5″. 500g in weight. Set for dressmaking so should be used exclusively on cloth.

Presented in a black embossed box, these heirloom tools make a very special gift.

Buy once, buy well - scissors should be a one-time purchase so it's worth investing in the best you can afford. For cutting cloth, professionals will choose 8” or 10”.  The larger scissors are specifically used for cutting out and do that job effortlessly. In contrast, the 8” can cut out, clip notches and grade seams. They are light enough to keep by your machine for cutting threads if you don’t have snips.

Made in Sheffield the traditional home of fine toolmaking, at the city's last remaining scissor factory with heritage stretching back over 250 years. 

Stocked in the world's most respected outlets, Merchant & Mills high quality sewing products emerge, never rushed to market, but slowly developed to be exemplary, desirable and pragmatic.