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Little Painted Detail Porcelain Vases


A gorgeous collection of ceramic bud vases featuring Kate Wheeler's intricately hand painted detail. Equally lovely in a group or stand-alone piece.

Organically hand-formed in fine white porcelain, illustrative detail on one face of the vessel, with touches of 24ct gold lustre highlight against a coloured wash background.

Five unique pieces to choose from (pictured left to right):

#1 sepia toned detail with no colour background this tiny vase with faceted surface measures 50mm tall and 45mm diameter

#2 larger sized vessel with faceted surface measures 70mm tall and 55mm diameter

#3 taller, narrow bud vase measures 90mm tall x 50mm diameter

#4 measures 70mm tall and 50mm diameter

#5 tiny vase measures 50mm tall and 45mm diameter

Handmade in Castlemaine by Katherine Wheeler.