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Little Porcelain Lace Trays

Little Porcelain Lace Trays


A sweet collection of textural little ceramic trays, beautiful and functional, a perfect gift.

Organically hand formed in fine white porcelain with stamped lace impression texturing, and some with subtle washes of grey-blue glaze.

Enjoy simply as a lovely piece in the home, or make them useful for holding little treasures in the bedroom, bathroom or living space.

Choose from these designs:

#1 white measures approximately 110mm diameter

#2 white measures approximately 95mm diameter 

#3 white measures approximately 130mm x 110mm 

#4 blue measures approximately 85mm diameter 

#5 blue measures approximately 75mm diameter 

Trays have a shallow 15-20mm lip.

Handmade in Castlemaine by Katherine Wheeler